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A'18 Architectural Conference NYC, Photo by Barak Mizrachi

About Us

Barak Mizrachi Architects is a Cape Town based architectural practice established in 2008. The practice engages in multi faceted projects ranging from high end private residence, Commercial, Residential developments and Industrial buildings.  

The practice understands the socio-economic climate that exists for various projects and adapts the architectural solutions accordingly. It strives for Architectural continuity but meets the individual needs and identity for each project. We pride ourselves as a hands-on Architectural firm and maintain our individual approach aside other respected Architects. Since the inception of the practice, BM Architects has been involved in many Heritage projects and have become specialists in refurbishments, alterations and additions to sensitive Heritage buildings. 

The Principals

Having graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1998 with a B. Arch degree in Architecture, Barak Mizrachi founded BM Architects in 2006, after working for several Cape Town based architectural firms. Barak’s passion for architecture has been providing clients with creative, functional and informative design solutions to accommodate their needs.  

Barak Mizrachi is a registered professional architect with SACAP (The South African Council for the Architectural Profession) and an international associate of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). 

Barak Mizrachi has also served as the Director for unassigned members of the American Institute of Architects International Region from December 2017 to December 2019.

BM Architects
Barak Mizrachi​
(B.Arch. Pr. Arch. Int. Associate AIA) 

Coming from an engineering background and having a formal interior decorating Diploma, Sheena joined forces with BM Architects in 2009, and is currently the practice interiors consultant. Sheena was involved in the interior design of the Institute of Security Studies, The Piazza and Fairview avenue, among other projects. Sheena is also the practice manager attending to day to day administrative and human resources duties. 

Sheena Mizrachi
(Inscape design, Interior Decorating)

BM Architects employees ranges from professional and candidate architects, technologists and drafts persons, we also employ architectural student interns regularly. Our practice would be classified as small, and our team works with the utmost efficiency on multi-pal projects.  

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