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Sophia Road

The Brief

The existing house, built in the late 1890’s, had to be transformed into a modem family house with open plan spaces. The existing house was dark, with no logical flow that connected kitchen to dining and living. An outdoor space also needed to form part of the living spaces. 

The Concept

Due to the high heritage value of the house, severe restrictions were imposed by the council, where only strategic walls were permitted for demolition. Existing ceiling, cornices, skirting, wall panelling and other architectural features had to be maintained and remain untouched. Therefore, walls were only demolished and opened above skirting levels and below cornice levels, as ceilings and floors had to be kept.  Additional windows and doors were permitted to be built in the non-street facing sides of the house, leading to outdoor space. New study room was added with internal glass doors, connecting to the living area. All other architectural features were restored. 

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