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Upper Buitenkant

The Brief

Transform the existing Heritage semi-detached house, into a contemporary living space while maintaining the Heritage value and architectural characteristics of the house. 

The existing house lacked logical flow of spaces, while other spaces where rundown and lacked connection to an outdoor space. Additional space was required for a loft bedroom that could be rented out. 

The Concept

The layout of the house was re-worked to new design that could flow to our door space. New court was created surrounded by living area and work space. New lost space was created, with a feature stair connecting the living rooms to the upstairs loft. Exiting Oregon pine beams were restored and exposed in the loft space. 

As budget constrains were very limiting, restoration of existing architectural features were essential and new contemporary contrasting elements were introduced. The outdoor courtyard space was maximized, with stairs leading up to a viewing deck of Table Mountain, while the exterior design was kept conforming to the existing house

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