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Upper Woodstock Extension

The Brief

Transform the existing Heritage semi-detached house, into a contemporary living space while maintaining the Heritage value and architectural characteristics of the house. 

The Concept

The long and dark entrance passage way was transformed into a feature access stair-well , leading up to a new loft in the existing roof space. While other closed off rooms were opened up in to a large living area. 

As budget constrains were very limiting, restoration of existing architectural features were essential and new contemporary contrasting elements were introduced. The outdoor courtyard space was maximized, with stairs leading up to a viewing deck of Table Mountain, while the exterior design was kept conforming to the existing house. 

In 2017 a second addition was added to the house. This time we created a contrasting exterior, to the back of the house, away from the street. The use of Victorian corrugated sheeting and wall cladding, connected the old and the new seamlessly. 

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